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Code Completion

One of the features of CodeLite is Code Completion. This article discusses what it is, how to set it up, and how it can be used.

What is Code Completion? (and how have I lived without it?)

There are two sorts of CodeLite Code Completion:

The Code Completion pop-up for wxFile

The first happens when you type e.g.


and want to see all the known symbols that start with this.
This also works for #includes. e.g. if you type

#include "wx/st

Code Completion will provide a list that includes string.h

The Code Completion pop-up for wxString member functions and variables

The second is when you type e.g.

wxString foo; foo.

a pop-up window, containing the available wxString methods and members, will appear when you type the dot.

From either you can select the required name or function. which is inserted into your code. This saves much wear and tear on your keyboard and neurones.

Setting Up Code Completion

Please refer to here for how to set up the code completion Setting Up Code Completion

Using Code Completion

Code Completion for names happens only when you tell it to, by pressing Ctrl-<Space>. For functions, the pop-up appears spontaneously when it thinks it can help. This happens when you type :: or -> or . after a known symbol e.g wxDialog::

-> or . will show you just members and methods of that class and its ancestors. However :: gives you that and more: you also get things like typedefs; and each method is given twice, once as foo, once as foo(int bar).

Continuing to type will narrow down the options that match; you can accept one by double-clicking it, or by pressing Return to accept the current selection. If you don't want to use the pop-up, you can make it go away by clicking outside it, or by typing a space.

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Page last modified on August 31, 2012, at 08:31 PM