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Quick Start

If you are using Linux, make sure you have installed xterm on your machine!

If you are using Linux, you can customize xterm to function like a modern terminal. Just follow the instructions on this wiki page.

First Install CodeLite for your OS. For this short tutorial, I have installed CodeLite 7.0 on a Windows machine.

  • The first time you do this, the Find Compilers dialog will pop up. Click OK and continue.
  • Once you've completed the dialogs, click the Start a new workspace button.
  • Next, select the type of workspace you want to use (in this example, I chose C++)
  • Click OK and fill in the workspace details

Never create a workspace in a folder with spaces in its path

  • Right click on the workspace icon and select Create New Project
  • The New Project Wizard will appear. Select Console->Simple Executable (g++) Of course, you can choose another template that fits your need but for this quick start we will use the Simple Executable template. Click Next and follow the wizard until it finishes.
  • Select the tool-chain detected on your machine (on my machine GCC 4.8 was found, and this is what I have selected).
  • Click Finish and build your project from the main menu: Build->Build Project.
  • To run the generated executable, we use the main menu: Build->Run.

That's it.

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Page last modified on December 09, 2018, at 03:25 PM