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This page only contains the main changes, there are other fixes that simply are not worth mentioning here


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page

Bugs fixed


  • Local variable syntax highlighter rewritten
  • Added 2 new startup command line options to CodeLite: -g or --dbg and -w or --dbg-dir by using these switches, you can start CodeLite's default debugger to debug an executable as simple as: codelite -g /home/eran/test/debug_exe The above command will start debugging /home/eran/test/debug_exe and will place a breakpoint at main
  • Make CodeLite more DPI aware on Windows (display smooth text etc on HiDPI screens)
  • Tabgroups functionality now works for all type of workspaces
  • Tabgroups view updated to fit the general look and feel of CodeLite
  • PHP: Feature request: Highlight constants values
  • less file type is now recognized by CodeLite as a CSS file
  • Implemented: Feature request : allow to use a custom .clang-format
  • PHP: Allow the same property to have different type based on the current subclass
  • PHP: Support more PHPDocs
  • Introduced the new Auto Save plugin. Automatically save your modified editors
  • Updated the DEFAULT tabs look and feel (Settings->Preferences->Windows & Tabs->Tab Style->DEFAULT
  • wxCrafter: Add wxTimePickerCtrl to wxCrafter
  • wxCrafter: Add Open menu entry to the standalone version
  • New plugin: Tail use this plugin for viewing log files (similar to Linux command tail -f /path/to/logfile)
  • Fixed: AutoSave plugin now does not auto-save remote files (i.e. it does not save file opened via the SFTP plugin)
  • SFTP plugin: mark files opened with SFTP with a unique tooltip + unique tab caption
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Page last modified on December 13, 2018, at 10:58 PM