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This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v11.0.0


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page


  • (11.0.2) Support C++11 template syntax, e.g. std::vector<std::pair<int, int>> myVec; (notice the missing space in the closing angle brackets)
  • (11.0.2) C++: New: added the ability to add an existing project to a workspace folder
  • (11.0.2) C++: better and improved locals and classes syntax highlight colouring
  • (11.0.2) Abbreviations plugin: the abbreviations are now part of the default code completion box and do not require a custom keyboard shortcut
  • (11.0.2) NEW: SmartCompletions plugin:
    • Collect code completion statistics from your coding
    • Alter the code completion box entries to show the most used methods/classes first, e.g. if you often use wxString::Contains then CodeLite will ensure that Contains will be displayed at the top of the code completion suggestions list:
 wxString str;
 str. // "Contains" method will be the first entry in the code completion box
  • (11.0.2) UnitTest++ plugin: usability improved
  • (11.0.3) C++ code completion parser: distinguish between strong enums and regular enums (enum class Foo : long {} vs enum Foo {})
  • (11.0.3) Colour embedded JavaScript within PHP/HTML document
  • (11.0.3) Support C++11 strong enums ( enum class Foo : int {} )
  • (11.0.3) Welcome Wizard: simplified the wizard pages
  • (11.0.3) Added new "Developer Profile" settings to CodeLite
  • (11.0.3) Added new "Dark One" colour theme
  • (11.0.3) Exporting colour settings now lets you choose which theme(s) to export
  • (11.0.4) Windows: import PuTTY sessions into CodeLite's SFTP view
  • (11.0.4) When switching to a non C++ workspace, auto-hide all C++ related tabs (e.g. wxCrafter, CMake etc). The tabs are restored when the workspace is closed
  • (11.0.5) Added support for debugger-step-into-instruction command (GDB)
  • (11.0.5) Implemented "Goto Anywhere", you can now access most of CodeLite actions with a single keyboard click Ctrl-Shift-P
  • (11.0.6) C++ open resource dialog: support fuzzy search for symbols as well as for file names
  • (11.0.6) PHP open resource dialog: support fuzzy search for symbols as well as for file names
  • (11.0.6) C++ workspace view: improved UI loading. The tree view is now built on demand and loaded on startup. Find in files should feel faster
  • (11.0.6) Navigation bar re-written
  • (11.0.7) Support ligature fonts on Windows
  • (11.0.7) Better Hi-DPI support on Linux
  • (11.0.7) wxCrafter: support wxDataViewColumn flags
  • (11.0.7) PHP: Allow moving files between folders using drag and drop
  • (11.0.8) (feature request) Add option to disable 'jumping' in explorer tree when selecting/closing another tab
  • (11.0.8) (feature request) Refresh subfolder or automatically detect new folders/files in explorer view
  • (11.0.8) SFTP: Clicking on the "Connect" or "Open Terminal" button will now launch the "Quick Connect" dialog which offers the user to either connect to an existing account, or to use the "quick connect" feature (connect without first creating an account)
  • (11.0.8) SFTP enhancement and fixes
  • (11.0.8) Tabgroups now come in two 'namespaces': Global and Workspace. Workspace ones are specific to the currently-loaded workspace. Global ones are always shown, even when no workspace is loaded.
  • (11.0.8) Svn plugin: added toolbar buttons for the 3 common actions: commit revert and update
  • (11.0.8) Git plugin: removed the tree view and use a standard table view instead
  • (11.0.8) Svn plugin: removed the tree view and use a standard table view instead
  • (11.0.8) codelite-make : when custom build is used enabled for the project, create the working directory before starting the build


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Page last modified on February 28, 2018, at 04:12 PM