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This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v12.0.0


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page


  • Increased the external tools limit from 10 -> 20
  • wxCrfater: Wrap the include statements part of the generated code with // clang-format {on|off} block this will disable any include sorting done by clang-format which might break compilation
  • New project dialog re-written and simplified
  • Diff View : added "find" command
  • Added menu option: Help -> Report an issue
  • Various font fixes in the code completion windows
  • Diff frames now start maximized
  • Diff View: all the toolbar commands can now be executed from the keyboard
  • Language Server configuration: user can now set CodeLite's macros in the Arguments field
  • Upgraded to libssh 0.9 on Windows
  • New build system. the old Default was renamed and now is called Default (DEPRECATED). The new build system performs a full out of the source tree build. The entire build artifacts are placed in a single folder under the workspace path, this is similar to CMake
  • New workspace type introduced: The File System Workspace see:
  • Improved startup time by reducing the number of syscalls significantly
  • Language Server Protocol: discard code-completion responses if a new request was already sent to the server
  • Use PATH to search binaries instead of hard coded /usr/bin/ path
  • UI: Updated the tabs drawing (mainly the "DEFAULT" and the "MINIMAL" styles)
  • wxCrafter: UI update: the right side view no longer has a splitter, instead it only uses tabs
  • Debugger->Attach to process dialog: the process ID is now also used for filtering
  • File System Workspace: save all modified files before the build starts
  • Increase the code completion box width
  • Restart all LSP once a build process is completed
  • SFTP: once we open the SFTP browser to view a remote server, keep the session
  • Simplify the LSP configuration dialog
  • UI updates to the tab drawings
  • Increase startup time of CodeLite by reducing sys calls
  • Language Server Plugin: support for auto inclusion of missing headers
  • Language Server Plugin: auto detect ( by clicking the Scan button ) installed LSPs currently supported: `python-language-server` and `clangd`
  • VIM plugin imporvements
  • New Class dialog simplification
  • Outline tab: remove the search text control, you can now use Ctrl-F search a symbol
  • Fixed clang compiler detection. On OSX, also search for clang compiler installed by brew
  • Bash editor: make $ a valid word character

Bug fixes

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Page last modified on November 13, 2019, at 07:35 PM