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This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v14.0.0

There are many other changes that are not included here, but we attempt to display the most interesting ones


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page

bug fixes

  • Fixed: hiding line number margin is no longer possible
  • Find In Files: should now load faster on Windows
  • Fixed: File System Workspace: keep the last 'File mask' value used
  • Language Server Protocol: Initialized notification to the server
  • Prevent hangs under Wayland when changing Workspace View tabs
  • Properly save/load workspace breakpoints and avoid mixing between two different workspaces breakpoints
  • File System Workspace: when 'remote development' is enabled, do not attempt to remote save a file that is not part of our source tree or was opened by the SFTP plugin
  • Fixed: crash when switching between themes
  • Windows / macOS: Ctrl-TAB is broken
  • gdb does not display local variables properly
  • Creating a new file from the context menu in the File System Workspace - does not add it to git or svn
  • Outline: honour the general background theme colour
  • Bootstrap wizard: if the user select Default profile, load all plugins
  • Fixed crash in codelite-terminal when executed with --command
  • Fixed: SFTP overrides file attributes if these were modified after the file was loaded into CodeLite
  • LLDB settings: keep the full path for debugserver
  • Fixed: cppcheck is now working from the context menu again
  • File System Workspace: set the default working directory to the workspace folder
  • PHPdoc return value is not handled correctly


  • Displaying the parent folder in the tab label is now optional
  • Git push: just execute git push without prompting the user to select remote
  • By default, show minimal list of buttons in the toolbar when first time installing CodeLite
  • By default, enable minimal list of plugins (by profile type)
  • File System Workspace: split the settings into 2 different files: a local and shared file. The content in the "local" files is kept under .codelite/ directory in the workspace folder and is not to be saved into git or any source control the default .workspace file contains properties that should be shared
  • File System Workspace: added 'working directory' field
  • Language Server Protocol: optimized the traffic between LSP <-> CodeLite by adding checksum checks before calling LSP to re-parse a file
  • Language Server Protocol: added support for implemented 'extDocument/documentSymbol' protocol message
  • PHP: update PHP xdebug UI view to fit the IDE look
  • Language Server Protocol: added an option to pass environment variables + initialization options directly from the UI
  • GDB: Honor user's ~/.gdbinit file
  • File System Workspace: added an option to use remote build
  • Internal changes to how GDB communicate changes to CodeLite
  • Appearance: honor *system* dark themes
  • Language Server Protocol: install the user code completion provided by clangd automatically
  • macOS: we now build CodeLite using macOS 10.15.5 (Catalina)
  • Windows: better support for Dark Theme (Windows native)
  • Creating or deleting a folder via the 'Explorer' view, will automatically sync PHP workspace
  • file system workspace: extend the default file extensions to show with *.py, *.rb, *.php and *.php
  • python support: adjust method document style to match the NumPy method as described here:
  • [PHP] Find functions in context when inserting PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Add return type to signature
  • [PHP] Add nullable type to signature in auto-complete
  • [PHP] Hint nullable and default values
  • [PHP] Handel parsing of by reference values in PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Allow parsing of nullable types from PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Handle parsing PHP 7.1 nullable types
  • [PHP] Handle common mistakes when parsing PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Add missing native types
  • [PHP] Group tags in generated PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Set return type to mixed when unspecified
  • Callgraph is no longer included in the default installer of CodeLite
  • File System Workspace: added the ability to exclude folders from the workspace. The folders are still visible, but they will be excluded in various operations, like Find In Files, Parsing etc
  • Full parsing of workspace is roughly 30% faster now
  • Renamed default build system from "CodeLite Make Generator" -> "CodeLite Makefile Generator"
  • Added new Build System: CodeLite Makefile Generator - UNIX - which generates UNIX compatible Makefiles, even when on Windows (useful for cygwin / MSYS environments)
  • contextual highlight is no longer done using the SQLite symbol database, as a result it should feel much more faster
  • Git reset: added a WARNING icon to the dialog + Cancel button (which is now the new default)
  • Navigation bar now also displays "git blame" info (author + commit hash + date) for the current line
  • UI updated to the Preferfences and Colour and fonts dialog
  • Refined dark theme support by removing various border which might look bright on dark theme
  • Added an option to hide the main editor's tab area (Windows & macOS only)
  • Language Server Plugin: you can now mark an LSP as SSH. This will execute it on a remote machine instead (you still need to make sure that it is installed on the remote machine)
  • Quick Debug: it is now possible to debug over SSH from. Just state the account + binary to debug and CodeLite will do the rest
  • Language Server Plugin: opening a header file will now automatically send the implementation file (cpp) to the active LSP for parsing. This way we make sure that goto-definition will work immediately
  • Implemented a proper "switch to workspace" functionality. It is now possible to call Open Workspace without the need to the currently opened one. In addition, CodeLite will now display a dialog that will list the last opened workspaces
  • PHP Find In Files: 1. Starting find-in-files from the context menu will force the find-in-files dialog to use the selected dialogs from the tree view *this are transient paths and will not be remembered* 2. Starting find-in-files from any other way, will use the last used settings
  • Fixed: find in files offset is broken when non ASCII text is presented in the editor
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Page last modified on February 06, 2021, at 09:51 AM