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This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v14.0.0


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page

bug fixes

  • Fixed: hiding line number margin is no longer possible
  • Find In Files: should now load faster on Windows
  • Fixed: File System Workspace: keep the last 'File mask' value used
  • Language Server Protocol: Initialized notification to the server
  • Prevent hangs under Wayland when changing Workspace View tabs
  • Properly save/load workspace breakpoints and avoid mixing between two different workspaces breakpoints
  • File System Workspace: when 'remote development' is enabled, do not attempt to remote save a file that is not part of our source tree or was opened by the SFTP plugin
  • Fixed: crash when switching between themes


  • Displaying the parent folder in the tab label is now optional
  • Git push: just execute git push without prompting the user to select remote
  • By default, show minimal list of buttons in the toolbar when first time installing CodeLite
  • By default, enable minimal list of plugins (by profile type)
  • File System Workspace: split the settings into 2 different files: a local and shared file. The content in the "local" files is kept under .codelite/ directory in the workspace folder and is not to be saved into git or any source control the default .workspace file contains properties that should be shared
  • File System Workspace: added 'working directory' field
  • Language Server Protocol: optimized the traffic between LSP <-> CodeLite by adding checksum checks before calling LSP to re-parse a file
  • Language Server Protocol: added support for implemented 'extDocument/documentSymbol' protocol message
  • PHP: update PHP xdebug UI view to fit the IDE look
  • Language Server Protocol: added an option to pass environment variables + initialization options directly from the UI
  • GDB: Honor user's ~/.gdbinit file
  • File System Workspace: added an option to use remote build
  • Internal changes to how GDB communicate changes to CodeLite
  • Appearance: honor *system* dark themes
  • Language Server Protocol: install the user code completion provided by clangd automatically
  • macOS: we now build CodeLite using macOS 10.15.5 (Catalina)
  • Windows: better support for Dark Theme (Windows native)
  • Creating or deleting a foler via the 'Explorer' view, will automatically sync PHP workspace
  • file system workspace: extend the default file extensions to show with *.py, *.rb, *.php and *.php
  • python support: adjust method document style to match the NumPy method as described here:
  • [PHP] Find functions in context when inserting PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Add return type to signature
  • [PHP] Add nullable type to signature in auto-complete
  • [PHP] Hint nullable and default values
  • [PHP] Handel parsing of by reference values in PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Allow parsing of nullable types from PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Handle parsing PHP 7.1 nullable types
  • [PHP] Handle common mistakes when parsing PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Add missing native types
  • [PHP] Group tags in generated PHPDoc
  • [PHP] Set return type to mixed when unspecified
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Page last modified on July 20, 2020, at 07:21 AM