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This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v15.0.0

There are many other changes that are not included here, but we attempt to display the most interesting ones


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page

bug fixes

  • Fixed: externally modified files are not reloaded
  • Remove redundant file system scan
  • Fixed: always pass RootURI when sending Initialize request to the LSP server, even if the user did not provide one
  • Fixed: JSON encoding issue
  • Fixed: codelite-terminal does not apply environment variables when generating compile_flags.txt file required by clangd
  • Fixed: Linux: Move tab right / left with the keyboard does not work
  • Fixed: file system workspace: in some cases, system scan is not working as intended and only scans the top level
  • Fixed: code formatter regression which caused CodeLite to override the user's settings
  • Fixed: GTK: right click on tab causes a weird behavior of selecting random file
  • Fixed: Implement All Un-Implemented Functions not working when header and source are not placed in the same directory
  • Fixed: wxCrafter: "Insert into new Sizer" should not be visible for wxAuiManager (by rlbxku1r)
  • Fixed: CodeLite Makefile Generator - UNIX: Windows resource files are not compiled
  • fixed: Word completion is broken if a word contains letters with diacritics
  • Fixed: "Closed other tabs" -> send "close event" for every closed tab
  • fixed: PHP workspace: allow user to include the workspace or project folder when selecting `Find In Folder` from the context menu
  • fixed: PHP workspace: make it multiple selection
  • Fixed: make sure that the editor folder exists before writing
  • Fixed: C++ workspace: post/pre build events: ignore empty commands
  • Fixed: Feature request: include file extensions for Drupal projects
  • Fixed: Fix Output View multi-byte text handling (rlbxku1r)
  • Fixed: PHP settings: post parse-workspace event only when a PHP workspace is opened
  • Fixed: spell checker: when calling "Check" on a file, do not uncheck the option of the 'continuous checking'


  • Fixed: be more tolerant for language server implementations that do not implement the protocol as is (e.g. rust)
  • Added Rust syntax highlight
  • LSP: support completion item's doc implemented inside MarkupContent
  • Added new Rust plugin
  • Git Commit List dialog: layout changes. Make the diff window occupy half of the dialog
  • Windows / macOS: visual updates to the notebook control
  • clToolBar: honour the wxTB_NODIVIDER style flag
  • use a more sensible colours for highligthing text in the various tree / list controls
  • Implemented a custom Menu Bar
  • Better dark mode support on windows
  • General performance & stability fixes
  • Added new Remote plugin which allows user to load a remote "File System Workspace" over SSH
  • Task view removed. It is now part of the Find In Files dialog
  • Colours and fonts dialog: updating the text selection colours is now done for all the languages supported for the currently active theme
  • Windows: use codelite-exec to launch program when the 'pause when execution ends' flag is checked in the project settings. This also prints the program exit code
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Page last modified on May 01, 2021, at 07:14 PM