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General fixes / improvements

  • Added new in-house terminal emulator, codelite-terminal, which can be used for launching applications. To enable it Settings -> Global Editor Preferences -> Terminal
  • The Windows / OSX /wxGTK ports are now built against wxWidgets 3.0
  • Implemented: : added check-all / un-check-all buttons to the Rename Symbol dialog Ability to limit the scope of the Rename Symbols to list of projects
  • Project Settings: Added new option This is a GUI program - which will tell CodeLite to run the program without any terminal wrapper
  • Svn: optimized the 'import directory' folder functionality _not_ to try to add each and every single file to svn
  • Git console should now be using the same font as the C++ editor font
  • Added new Add Forward declaration functionality. Simply right click on a symbol and select it from the context menu
  • Creating new virtual folder will also offer to create it on the file system
  • Allow user to place the caret beyond the end of line. Here is Scintilla's reference
  • Tab visualization: the tab drawing is now more modern + active tab is drawn with bold font
  • Multiple bookmark types: it's now possible to have differently-coloured sets of bookmarks for marking different types of information
  • The Alt-PgUp and Down shortcuts, that normally move the current line, now also work on any selected lines
  • When hovering with the mouse over a compiler marker inside an editor, a tooltip is displayed showing the compiler message (error/warning)
  • It's now possible to set a different directory for CodeLite's data, using the --datadir command-line option
  • Debugger: updated the "Memory" tab: User can now select the number of columns that will be displayed when showing memory + fixed a bug where in some cases, gdb output was not parsed correctly when displayed in the "Memory" tab
  • The Frame title is now configurable by the user (predefined macros are also provided)


  • Pack MinGW 4.8.1-3/32bit
  • Provide a wxWidgets built with MinGW 4.8.1-3/32bit (TDM)

Git plugin

  • Prompt the user when git fails to commit due to missing email/username
  • Changed the git settings dialog to allow user to provide a global/local username/email

CMake Plugin (NEW)

A new plugin for CMake has been added to CodeLite (thanks to our forum user NTSFka). It can use CMakeLists.txt files as the 'source' to generate makefiles for building the workspace, replacing CodeLite's usual build mechanism. The plugin also supplies a (very!) complete help module for CMake.

Tweaks Plugin (NEW)

The tweaks plugin allows the user to change various UI elements of CodeLite. Note that this plugin's settings are kept per workspace Atm, it supports:

  • Change the editor's tab colour (background and text)
  • Set different colour for tabs based on project association (e.g. all files owned by "Project 1" can be coloured with BLUE, all projects owned by "Project 2" can be coloured with RED)
  • Override CodeLite's default project icon with a user defined one
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Page last modified on September 04, 2015, at 03:26 PM