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Whats new in version 6.0?

  • Add auto-detect compilers to the one we support, codelite now successfully detects and defines the following compilers:
    • MinGW (mingw64, TDM-GCC both 32 and 64 bits, MinGW for CodeBlocks and plain install under the volume drive)
    • Visual C++ (VC)10,11 and 12
    • Clang (Linux, OSX and Windows)
    • GCC (Linux, OSX) under OSX, Xcode custom installation is also searched
  • Code completion: extract the search paths from the project settings
  • NEW LLDB debugger plugin, CodeLite is now the first open source IDE that supports debugging with LLDB on Linux/OSX and even remote debugging from a Windows machine using LLDB on the target machine. A detailed documentation on the LLDB debugger plugin can be found here
  • Allow editor to be detached and place it in its own wxFrame with toolbar
  • Build Settings - the New compiler functionality now allows the user to create a compiler based on an existing compiler settings
  • Added support for Search In Open files (frankivo)
  • Minor UI updates to the 'Workspace Tab'
  • Auto generating of function which includes the enum keyword should work properly
void foo(wxString &s, enum BreakpointType bpType);
  • Refactor the Project Settings dialog (re-write its UI to use wxPropertyGrid) - done
  • OSX usability issues ( better alignment for the code completion windows, Find-In-Files crash fix and other minor issues )
  • Add Wildcard option to the 'Find Bar'
  • Update the CppChecker plugin to 1.63
  • Added a new project template that loads a frame from XRC
  • Built-In Diff utility based on the DTL library. The diff utility is now the default diff viewer for Git and Subversion plugin in addition, there there is a new plugin CodeLiteDiff which open a clean diff view where the user can select files for comparison

Here is a screenshot of the diff viewer in a classical 2 vertical panes:

And in a one pane view:

  • Add support for CMake "compile_commands.json" file - this file is generated by CMake to provide easy code completion by Clang
  • Added new CMake template
  • Move Git / Svn settings to reside inside the .codelite folder under the workspace folder (atm, they are kept globally)
  • Make it possible to Undo or Redo multiple changes at once. The Undo and Redo tools (except in OSX with a native toolbar) now have dropdown menus.
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Page last modified on June 02, 2014, at 08:05 PM