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Whats New?

  • SpellChecker plugin (Frank L.)
  • New: codelite now fully supports CYGWIN:
    • A new compiler detector was added to detect Cygwin installation
    • To work with CYGWIN and CodeLite, simply launch codelite from a cygwin terminal
  • New: added the ability to add a compiler simply by specifying its directory
  • Quick-Find Bar - added support for "Multi Selection" - hitting the ENTER key selects the next match while keeping the previous one selected. This allows multiple find and replace.
  • You can now associate a different gdb tool per compiler
  • CodeLite now supports clang-format. The CodeFormatter plugin now makes it possible to select which formatter tool to use, from:
    • AStyle
    • clang-format

The entire dialog and options of the CodeFormatter plugin were redesigned:

  • Fixed: workspace symbols colouring should work without any limitations set
  • Fixed: when moving up and down the callstack while debugging with GDB, the "Locals" was not showing the correct local arguments
  • Fixed: when switching to the "Callstack" tab while debugging with GDB, the view was not updated (an extra 'tab' was needed)

Theme Management

The entire theme-management / syntax-highlight system was re-written. It is now possible to create a new theme by cloning an existing theme using the UI.

  • Themes are now associated with particular languages (e.g. it is now possible for C++ to have the "Monokai" theme, while other languages don't).
  • Themes can now be Exported/Imported with a single click
  • codelite supports eclipse's theme format for the C/C++ language. A new button was added to the "Colours and Fonts" dialog to allow importing eclipse XML theme format. You can download eclipse themes from The Eclipse Theme WebPage

Below is a screenshot of a 3 new C++ themes (3 out of many new themes ) that were added to CodeLite's default themes (in order of appearance):

  • Retta
  • GEdit Original Oblivion
  • Monokai

MemCheck plugin ( valgrind )

Thanks to Michal B and his students, codelite now has a very good valgrind support:

  • Run valgrind directly from within codelite and display the output in a tabular form, with an easy navigation
  • Mange suppression files to avoid false positives
  • See the errors directly in codelite IDE
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Page last modified on August 25, 2014, at 08:59 AM