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  • Support terminal colouring in CodeLite's build pane (CMake, gcc 4.8.2 and later)
  • Add "Indent as you type" using the CodeFormatter plugin (aka astyle)
  • Add grep like search in find-in-files (|grep <>|grep <>)
  • CodeReview plugin
  • Auto-Save plugin


Improved Add Include Header

Word Completion Plugin

A simple and very useful plugin that, triggered by a specific keyboard shortcut (by default it is set to Ctrl-ENTER or on OSX CMD-ENTER), suggests possible completions using words "seen" on the file. This works for all file extensions.

Enhanced PHP Plugin

CodeLite PHP support enhanced to support the following:

  • Project Management.
  • Code Completion.
  • Class wizard.
  • File layout.
  • XDebug support.
  • Basic refactoring (insert doxygen comments, generate setters / getters).
  • Code Formatter plugin was enhanced to support PHP files.

See here for a quick getting started with PHP and CodeLite.

New features

  • Source Code Formatter: allow formatting an entire project.
  • Source Code Formatter: added new option to to auto-format the file just before saving it.
  • Unit Test ++ : Running a UT++ project now opens the UT++ view.
  • Auto file-detection based on file content. If a file has no known file suffix (or none at all) CodeLite will scan the first 4K bytes of the file searching for a known pattern to determine its type. Atm, we support the following file types:
    • C/C++
    • Python
    • XML
    • PHP
    • Bash / Shell scripts
  • The following languages just got another 65 colour themes:
    • PHP
    • CMake
    • Diff
    • Text
    • Makefile


  • Code-completion now supports function templates.
  • When navigating between build errors in the Build tab, by double-clicking them or using F4, CodeLite will now place the caret on the error line; and where possible, it will also move to the proper column.
  • Keyboard Shortcut management re-written. The SDK API that supports keyboard shortcuts was greatly simplified, and in addition the UI got a new look:
  • The Outline plugin now supports PHP files as well as C++ files:

Editor Improvements

  • Wrap with brackets: when user types one of the following chars: [( instead of replacing the selection, CodeLite will wrap the selection with brackets (depending on the type of the opening bracket).
  • Wrap with quotes: when user types one of the following chars: "' instead of replacing the selection, CodeLite will wrap the selection with quotes.
  • The above 2 features works for multiple selections (each selection is wrapped separately).
  • Split selection into multiple carets: selecting a block of text and using the (configurable) keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-L will cause CodeLite to place a caret at the end of each line of the selection.
  • Smarter curly-braces completion. Consider the following snippet (the pipe represents the caret location):
if( something ) { |do something;

Hitting ENTER will result in the following code:

if( something ) { 
    |do something;
  • Generate doc comment blocks from the editor. Typing /** on top of a function (either C++ or PHP) will cause CodeLite to insert a doc comment block:
/**| ENTER
void foo(int age, std::string name){}

will result in

 * @brief
 * @param a
 * @param name
void foo(int age, std::string name){}

The pattern generated is configurable from the Settings->Global Editor Preferences dialog.

  • Open resource (Ctrl-Shift-R): the selected text in the editor is now used as the initial user search text.

SFTP Plugin improvements:

Allow setting a home folder for an account

Allow opening a SSH terminal in the folder of the associated account.

The git plugin just got better

  • Allow searching in the Git repository
  • Added Git context menu in the File Explorer tab (for folders and files).
  • (Windows) Added the ability to open a Git Bash terminal at the selected editor path.
  • The git toolbar is more accessible.
  • Auto-detection of the git installation on Windows.

The Explorer tab got some cool new features

  • Added support for Bookmarks. These let you quickly jump between different folders without the hassle of browsing the tree.
  • In addition, a new "Goto Folder" button was added to the Explorer tab to quickly jump to a folder:

We now offer 64-bit builds for Windows

If you are running a 64-bit Windows OS, it is highly recommended that you use the new 64-bit builds of CodeLite. Why?

  • The start-up time is significantly improved.
  • Starting a debug session is now almost instant.
  • Performance. For example, parsing workspace with 3500 files (e.g. CodeLite and all the headers it uses) takes about 38 seconds on a 32-bit CodeLite build running on my machine (8 cores, 16GB of ram, i7); parsing the same workspace with a 64-bit build takes just 21 seconds!

In general the 64-bit build feels 'lighter' (or CodeLiter ;))

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Page last modified on February 07, 2015, at 08:11 PM