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Bugs fixed


  • Highlight the fold block where the caret is (configurable). This feature is only enable when using the Tree Square Headers and Tree Circular Headers
  • CppCheck plugin: version bumped to 1.68 (frankivo)
  • Word Completion plugin: the word list is now taken from all open editors (was: from the active editor only)
  • Added the ability recursively to add files to a C++ project by simply dragging the folder from the File Explorer / File Manager and dropping it on the workspace view. If there is no workspace opened, CodeLite will create one plus an empty project and will import all the files into that project
  • Dragging a folder from the File Explorer / File Manager to the PHP creates a new project with the folder content
  • Updated the Global Editor Preferences->General->Guides UI to use a tabular view:
  • Code completion box redesigned
  • Interactive status bar. You can now change the whitespace settings or the colour / language settings:
  • Added a one-time wizard to help new users to configure CodeLite on the first time they launch it:
  • Colours and fonts dialog: allow the user the option to set a global theme for all supported languages

New Plugins

WebTools - JavaScript, XML and HTML

  • JavaScript Code Completion (no need of a workspace, just open your JS file and start typing)
  • The current JavaScript Code Completion supports various common frameworks, such as AngularJS, Node and other. You can enable / disable support from plugins->WebTools->Settings
  • XML code completion
    • Auto insert of closing elements
    • word completion as you type
    • Comment blocks
  • HTML code completion
    • Auto suggest list of known HTML tags
    • Auto insert of closing elements
    • word completion as you type
    • Comment blocks
    • Templates for known tags (e.g. typing <a followed by ENTER will insert in the following to the code editor: <a href="|"></a>)

Help Plugin - Using Dash / Zeal for offline documentation

  • Selecting text within the editor and clicking F1 will launch Zeal or Dash (OSX) with the query already placed and executed
  • Hitting F1 within the editor with no text selected will simply launch Zeal or Dash (OSX)

Support importing workspace / solutions of other IDEs

Thanks to the work of jpcb CodeLite can now import solutions/workspaces from the following IDEs:

  • CodeBlocks
  • Visual Studio 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Bloodshed DevC++
  • Borland++
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Page last modified on May 09, 2015, at 01:06 PM