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Download CodeLite 8.1 here

Bugs fixed

  • Removed excessive "exe" string from cross gcc compiler detector
  • Fixed: Word Completion plugin: use pipe | as a word separator
  • Code completion box: when selecting an item from the CC box and there are multiple carets, insert the selection for each caret
  • Fixed: when loading a workspace, ensure that the "Workspace" tab is visible
  • Fixed abbreviation plugin not working
  • Fixed: PHP code completion: better resolving of namespace
  • Fixed: PHP code completion: better resolving of the extends and implements keywords
  • Fixed: PHP code completion: offer code completion after ? and !
  • External Tools Plugin: properly expand macros even when no workspace is opened
  • External Tools Plugin: added new macro $(CurrentFileFullName) which expands to the current file full name (name + extension, no folder)
  • Closing a modified "Untitled" document should prompt for save before closing it
  • JS code completion: start tern server from the workspace folder by doing this, the code completion Node.js modules using the 'require' statements should work
  • Enhanced the open resource dialog to allow filtering between symbols and files
  • Fixed: : PHP Code completion does not recognize methods that return references
  • When starting a debug session, ensure that the toolbar is visible
  • Various improvements to the "Other IDEs workspace import" feature (namely, CodeBlocks, DevC++ and others)
  • Implemented: #859: Feature Request: Use Macros for Custom Builds to show enabled code blocks
  • C++ tempalte files are now stored under the user data folder (Windows)
  • Find In Files dialog simplified
  • Find In Files Results tab simplified


  • Explorer View: allow deleting mix of folders and files
  • Double clicking a TAB label should now maximize the tab
  • Support for new workspace type Node.js
  • Quick outline view: support fuzzy query
  • PHP: perform a soft workspace reload when the file system is updated externally (via git, svn etc)
  • The PHP and the standard C++ workspace view are now sharing the same tab named Workspace
  • Added new default page with a hint to drag/drop folder on it for quick code browsing
  • Re-structured the Search menu and added 2 new search functionalities:
    • Quick Add Next Ctrl-K search for the selection in the editor and select while keeping the previous selections
    • Quick Select All Ctrl-Shift-K similar to Quick Add Next but in a single click and works on the entire document
  • Added new menu option: File->Open->Open Folder which allows user to open a folder in the Explorer view
  • PHP / Code Formatter plugin: support for PHP-CS-Fixer tool for formatting PHP source files
  • Improved look and feel
  • WebTools plugin enchanced to fully support Node.js workspace (code completion + debugger + project management) see this tutorial to get you started with Node.js
  • [OSX] Use CMD-DOWN / CMD-UP or Ctrl-DOWN / Ctrl-UP to move to the end/start of the document
  • Use ALT-G to quickly search any symbol, this feature differs from the Goto Definition as it ignores the context and simply searches the symbol by name
  • PHP: support for code completion for functions with PHPDoc return statement with multiple types separated by |, e.g.
 * @return null|bool|\PDO
function getHandler() {}
  • PHP: support for PHPdoc placed on the same line as the variable declaration (up until now, it was only parsing documents placed on top of the function/variable)
  • C++ Setters / Getters dialog improvements:
    • Allow user to filter the matches using fuzzy query
    • Setters functions can now return a reference to self:

class MyClass {
    MyClass& SetName(const std::string& name) { this->m_name = name; return *this; }
    MyClass& SetLastName(const std::string& lastName) { this->m_lastName = lastName; return *this; }


MyClass c;

node.js debugger



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