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This page only contains the main changes, there are other fixes that simply are not worth mentioning here


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page

Bugs fixed


 function foobar(\PDO $arg) {
     $arg-> // $arg is of typr \PDO
  • PHP: support PHP-7 function return value type hinting
 function foobar() : \PDO {
 foobar()-> // code completion of \PDO
  • OSX: a lot of effort invested on OSX (there is still much work to be done) to make CodeLite retina aware. (e.g. Some bitmaps were replaced to use hi-res bitmaps and more, all fonts are now smooth)
  • wxCrafter: automatically add hi resolution images to the resource file generated by wxCrafter. The usage is simple: Just place a file with the suffix @2x next to the original file and wxCrafter will pick it. For example, if you are using an image: house.png you can add another file with the name house@2x.png and wxCrafter will include it in the resource file
  • Implemented: Add keyboard shortcut to select word under cursor
  • DBExplorer ERDs improvement
  • C++ Workspace: Workspace Settings -> Environment variable: the environment variables are now kept per workspace configuration
  • Javascript debugger does not show JavaScript Date values
  • Feature Request: external tool: multi instances : Instead of limit the execution to one tool at a time, allow executing N tools (no limit) and provide a Task Manager like dialog to allow managing these tools:
  • The Find Bar now also contains a Replace All button
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Page last modified on February 01, 2016, at 07:47 PM