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Workspaces and Projects

One workspace holds a number of projects, for instance, various pieces of a large design. Create a workspace by selecting "Workspace | Create new Workspace..."

A project is one piece of a large design within that workspace. Create a project by selecting "Workspace | Create new Project". If you create a project without first creating a workspace, a workspace will automagically be created for you.

For instance, one project might be a DLL, another project could be a static library, and yet another project could be a GUI design which would be eventually integrated together in one workspace to be released as a piece of software. All these projects could be part of one workspace.

The project itself contains all information it needs to produce its own output piece of the overall software.

Also, a project contains no information about the workspace, and thus one project can be part of multiple workspaces. The workspace holds pointers to the projects which are members of that workspace.

The workspace information file is <workspace-name>.workspace

The project information file is <project-name>.project


Each project has at least two build configurations: Debug and Release. In practice you can have many more configurations. You can select what configuration the project is using by the command: "Workspace | Open Active Project Settings... | Configuration Type"

This information is global among all the projects in the workspace and so is kept in the workspace information file. This means all projects be in the same configuration in a workspace.

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