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wxCrafter is a RAD plugin for developing wxWidgets UI applications. You should have a basic knowledge of wxWidgets. See here and here for some information on wxWidgets. In this tutorial, we will create a simple wxDialog with a "Hello World" button and connect an event to it.

  • Start CodeLite and select the option 'New' from the welcome page
  • In the 'New project' dialog that shows select project type 'GUI -> wxWidgets Executable (wxDialog based + wxCrafter)
  • After clicking OK, you should have a workspace tree like this:

The following table gives a brief description about the generated files:

main.cppThe application code (derived from wxApp)
MainDialog.cpp / hThe inherited code for the dialog. This is where you should place your code
wxcrafter.cppThe generated code by wxCrafter - you should not modify anything in this file as it will be overwritten by wxCrafter
wxcrafter_bitmaps.cppThe bitmaps code. wxCrafter converts every bitmap selected in the designer into C++ code so they will be available during runtime
wxcrafter.wxcpThis is the wxCrafter designer file. Double-clicking it will open it in an editor
  • Next, switch to the 'wxCrafter' tab, click on the 'Refresh' button and choose the 'wxcrafter.wxcp' file from the drop-down list

Now, what we would like to do is:

  • Add a button
  • Select a bitmap for the button
  • Connect an event to the button so when the button is clicked, we will get the famous "Hello world" message

Since controls can only be placed inside sizers, we need to select a sizer in the wxCrafter tree view, so select the 'mainSizer' control in the wxCrafter tab. In the controls toolbox, select the 'Controls' tab and click on a wxBitmapButton button

Make sure that button will take all the available space by clicking on the wxEXPAND button and setting the button proportion to 1

Move the new button up by dragging it (or use the up / down arrows in wxCrafter toolbar). Also let's remove the 'spacer' control

Now, select a nice bitmap for the button:

And finally let's connect an event to our button:

  • Right click on the button in the designer (or in the tree view)
  • Select 'Connect events'

In the 'Events Editor' dialog that shows, there are 2 tabs:

  1. The control-specific events
  2. Generic events which are inherited from wxWindow

Under the 'Control Events' tab, type a name for our event-handler. wxCrafter will use it to generate the function. For the example I used OnHomeButtonClicked. Hit ENTER and click OK.

Finally, generate the code by clicking on the 'Generate Code' button:

Open the file 'MainDialog.cpp' and you will see that wxCrafter added the following code to the class:

void MainDialog::OnHomeButtonClicked(wxCommandEvent& event)

Add a message box, so the code now becomes:

void MainDialog::OnHomeButtonClicked(wxCommandEvent& event)
    ::wxMessageBox(_("Hello World"));

Note that in order for the code to compile you also need to include:

#include <wx/msgdlg.h>

Compile the code and run it

When running the project, you should now see this:

and when clicking on our button:

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Page last modified on December 18, 2018, at 04:51 PM