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wxCrafter project settings

When selecting the root item in the tree view of the wxCrafter tab, you can alter the various wxCrafter project settings:

Note that these settings are applicable to the active wxcp file only

On the properties view, you can change the following:

Property Description
Output directory this tells wxCrafter where to place the generated files. If the path set is relative, it will be relative to the current wxcp file
Output File Name the name of the file to use for the base classes. By default, it will use the base name of the current wxcp file
Additional Include Files provide a list of files that should be included in the generated files. The format is "MyFile.h";"AnotherHeader.h"
Bitmaps File Set here the name of the file for the project bitmaps. wxCrafter converts all selected bitmap files into a C array and embed them into the executable. This file contains these arrays
Generate Window ID When setting this to True, wxCrafter will treat any unrecognized Window ID as a enumerator and will place it as member of the relevant class. So if you set a Window ID for a control to be something like ID_MY_BUTTON, wxCrafter will create an enum with ID_MY_BUTTON as one of its enumerators
First Window ID The initial value for the Window ID enum
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