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Different Types Of CodeLite Project

In QuickStart you saw how to add a new wxWidgets project to your workspace. However there are many other types of project that are available. You can add one of these using the New Project dialog, which you get by selecting Create New Project from the Workspace menu, or from the context menu you get by right-clicking over the workspace name in the Workspace View.

There are three sorts of project you can add:

Executable Projects

These will build your app as an executable binary.

  • executable
This provides appropriate settings for a gcc project with, as a bonus, a standard main.cpp to get you started.
  • vc-executable
This provides the settings for a Visual C++ project
  • custom-makefile
I'll sneak this one in here, as it will most often be creating executables. It's intended for pre-existing projects that you want to import into CodeLite. You will certainly need to adjust the project settings to suit.

Library Projects

These will build your app as a library, either static or dynamic.

  • static-library and vc-static-library
These create static libraries. The first is for apps that use gcc, the second for Visual C++.
  • dynamic-library and vc-dynamic-library
Similarly, for dynamic libraries
  • static-library-wx-enabled and dynamic-library-wx-enabled
These create libraries with wx-config added to the compiler and linker project settings, and so are the ones to use to make a lib for a wxWidgets application, using gcc.


  • UnitTest++
This provides the framework to create unit tests for your app. A simple main.cpp is provided, which contains some helpful information. See also this video tutorial.
  • Non-code project
This is for text files and similar, which you want to be contained in a workspace but aren't for compilation. Examples might include your project's manual, or its website .htm files.
This wiki article was written inside a Non-code project :)

After creating a new project, it will usually be a good idea to check its settings.

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Page last modified on December 09, 2018, at 03:26 PM